If you have ever experienced a broken, useless air conditioner on a blistering hot day then you know… you are one of the unfortunate initiated few who understand the significance of knowing when your air-con is going to cark it.

While regular maintenance and servicing will extend the lifespan of your precious unit, they do have an expiry date. It is good to learn the signs that your AC is nearing the end of its life and more importantly, when to replace it.

Tell Tale Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Replacing

Unfortunately your air conditioner is one of those household items that we take for granted and often don’t think about until it is too late. But it is our trusted companion, cooling us off on long summer days or keeping us warm on a cold winter’s night.

High and Low Temps

Like us, high and low temperatures are good indicators that all is not well. If you are finding that the unit is not cooling down enough, or vise versa, then chances are that its thermostat is struggling and it may be time to find a replacement. However, a good servicing from a qualified air condition repair team may help extend the life of the unit. So be sure to contact a professional service like Coastal Air Conditioning for high quality cleans or possible replacements with genuine parts before signing off on your trusty old unit.

Spikes in Energy Bills

It could be that your partner is leaving the fridge door open again, or your flatmate still can’t sleep without a light on but high energy bills are a common indicator that your air con is struggling. First, consider the time of year as your energy bill may be reflecting the seasons, but have a trained professional check to see if it is working efficiently or if you need to start saving for a new air-con installation. No one likes nasty surprises in the mail.


Needless to say, if your ducted air conditioner or stand alone unit are making unusual noises such as banging, grinding or hissing, there is something wrong with it. Even if it is still effectively controlling the air temperature noises will be caused by loose internal parts and further damage is more than likely. Again, time to get it your air conditioner repaired or start saving for a new one. 

Faults like these need to be addressed straight away. Left unchecked, these issues will only get worse and cost you more in the long run.

Replacing Working Units

Sometimes our air conditioner is running perfectly but there are different factors in play that may require you to replace it for another unit. 
So you’ve just added the new extension to your home. You have closed in the verandah or built on a few more bedrooms. You old unit was probably installed based off your previous building requirements and size. Now you will find it is struggling to control the temperature effectively. In this case you could add a new air conditioning unit to the renovated area but you will find that your energy bills will increase drastically with two units. Consider upgrading the first air-con to a larger unit that can handle the new size of your home.

Energy Efficiency

As we come to our environmental senses, keeping a check on the energy efficiency of our air conditioners is becoming more important to us. Your unit may heat or cool perfectly but it may be burning some pretty serious amounts of fossil fuels to do so. It may be time to have a professional assess your home and help you plan air conditioner placement and the correct size replacement to suit your space.

Coastal Air Conditioning don’t want you left in the lurch when that heat wave hits. Based on the Central Coast of NSW, we assess, service and repair air conditioning systems from Woy Woy and Ettalong Beach to West Gosford and Tuggerah Lakes. Call us today for your new air conditioning installation.  

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