How to pick the right air conditioner for your Central Coast home

The right kind of air conditioner for you varies depending on a few key deets. So googling what the right kind of air conditioner for you is, is it a bit tricky to answer – even for the googles. But… you still wanna know the answer right? Well, let’s see if we at Coastal Air Conditioning can help you out.

In our experience choosing the correct air con for your home comes down to these three factors:


We will refrain from saying ‘location’ three times to ram home our point of how important the locality of your house is when choosing an A/C – but you get the jist. And we don’t just mean the difference between Bega and Byron Bay. Selecting the right unit for your little slice of paradise can differ even depending on the suburb you are in. 

There is this phenomena called the Urban Heat Island effect. It’s when denser population centres can present higher temperatures than nearby rural locations. The difference is usually only around 3-4 degrees Celsius but it can be as much as 10 degrees higher.

So consider your position in your region – are you in the bustling burbs (think Erina) or resplendent rural (Yarramalong valley)? Check here to find out about average temps for your neck of the woods.

Room Size

Before you get your stride on and pace out the length of your living room in large gangly goose steps (we know you were going to), get your tape measure out because you are going to want to measure the height of your walls too. You want an accurate idea of the volume of air that needs to be heated or cooled. 

Hot Tip #1: Bigger is not always better when it comes to air conditioners. While a big A/C unit will still do its job in a small room, it will end up with you getting hit with a big ol’ energy bill – not to mention the unnecessary environmental impacts involved. 


Okay. So, you want to have a new air conditioner installed to control the temperature of your fav room. But before you do, consider installing insulation in your roof space first. If you have an old house and are unsure if it is insulated, find the manhole and crawl up there and have a look. 

This is arguably the most significant factor in deciding what air con is the right pick for you. The temperature of a well insulated home can be controlled with a more energy efficient unit than a non- insulated one. 

Hot Tip #2: Consider the overall design of your house – orientation and feng shui and all that. North facing homes with lots of windows and thermal mass to the south will limit your need for a powerful air conditioner. 

Let’s use the Central Coast as our example. 

1 . Anita in Point Frederick – Anita is fortunate enough to enjoy a large home on the waterfront. Her home faces west and is well insulated. It’s cooler in the mornings and warm in the evenings. The average temp there is 22.9 degrees. The large bedroom (45㎡) she wants to control will need something like this midrange 5kw Termperzone unit.

2. Kosta in Mangrove Mountain – Being at the top of the mountain and further inland off the coast Mangrove Mountain sees an average temp of 21.8 degrees. His house is an old farming cottage built back in the sixties with limited insulation and small windows facing north west. Rooms throughout the house are small. Coastal Air Conditioning recommends Kosta install insulation first but our suggestion based on current circumstances would be this Daikin air conditioner with the 7.1kw capacity.

3. Rachel and Milo of Matcham – This couple have recently renovated a large tractor shed (80㎡) on their property and converted it into an AirBnb. It is open plan living, high cathedral ceilings, lined and insulated but south orientated. Seeing average temps of 22.9, we recommend in this instance a more powerful air conditioner like this 8.0kw Mitsubishi Electric unit

4. Samantha in Avoca Beach – Sam owns her own business and runs multiple offices from her large property. She wants to control the temperature in various rooms at the same time (whole building 220㎡). Avoca Beach sees average coastal temps of 18.9 degrees and the building faces north east but with small to medium size windows. In this instance we would recommend a multi zone air conditioning system like this Hitachi solution where multiple wall units are linked to one external unit. Alternatively we would recommend installing a ducted air conditioning system like this.

From Pearl Beach to Pickett’s Valley, Terrigal to Toukley, Coastal Air Conditioning is ready to assist you with selecting the right unit to give you perfect control of the temperature of your home. Contact us today to find out more.