Air conditioning repairs—when do you need it?

Is your air conditioning system acting a bit funny? Find out when you’ll need to repair your air conditioner.

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The trusty air conditioner is something many of us can’t live without, but sometimes, your air conditioning system might start to show signs of wear and tear, or in some cases, defects. Sometimes, it can be a little difficult to know whether or not you’re in need of air conditioning repairs—not all AC problems can be seen or heard unless you know what to look for.

However, by performing air conditioning repairs as soon as you notice a problem, you can ensure that your system will continue to serve you for a long time, without you requiring an expensive replacement.

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Signs that you need air conditioning repair

Here are a few signs that your air conditioning system might need repairs:

Inadequate cooling

One of the first signs that there’s something wrong with your air conditioner is when it doesn’t cool your space like it should. If your system is struggling to cool your home or office, chances are that it could have a faulty compressor or low refrigerant levels.

Strange noises

Air conditioners are supposed to run as silently as possible. If your air conditioner is starting to make strange noises, it could mean there is an underlying problem. These strange noises could mean loose parts or a more serious problem like a failing motor.

Foul odours

When your air conditioning system starts producing strange smells, it could indicate something growing inside of it, like mould and mildew. If you’re getting a burning smell, your air conditioner might have loose wiring, which can be extremely dangerous.

High humidity levels

Your air conditioner will also help maintain the humidity levels inside your home or office. But if the humidity indoors is too high, even with the AC turned on, it could mean that there’s a problem with your system. A faulty dehumidifier may be the cause.

Excessive electricity bills

If you start to notice that your electricity bills are higher than they should be, there’s a chance that your air conditioning system is the culprit. When your system isn’t working as it should, it’ll start using more power than normal, increasing your bill.

Water leaks

Condensation is normal for an air conditioner, but excessive water leakage is a definite red flag. If you start to notice water pooling under your air conditioner, you will need to consider getting it fixed. Leaks may be a sign of internal damage or mould.

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How often should I carry out maintenance for my AC?

To prolong your air conditioner’s life, you should consider servicing it at least once a year, especially during spring.

Can I service my air conditioner by myself?

Yes, there are some maintenance tasks that you should be able to do alone, like cleaning the filters and ensuring that the outdoor unit is free of debris.

How long does an air conditioner normally last?

Air conditioners usually last for 10-15 years, given that they’re given appropriate routine maintenance.