Ducted Air Conditioning Central Coast

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Ducted Air Conditioning – An efficient and unobtrusive home temperature solution.

Ducted Air Conditioning operates, using ducts installed in the roof cavity of a building. An internal fan coil unit is installed in a central location in the roof, a series of ducts run from here into as many rooms as you desire. Each room can be cooled or heated as you so wish – called ‘zoning’ – through the thermostat installed on the wall. The ease of cooling or warming the whole house becomes as simple as pressing a few buttons.

Simple, unobtrusive and almost completely silent, ducted air is a popular solution for a home’s temperature control. To learn more or to find out if your central coast home is suited to this system, get in touch with us to find out more!

Ducted Air Conditioning Central Coast

From start to finish Andrew and his team were amazing. I have to say out of all the trades and services we used in our renovations these guys were by far the best… Highly recommend!


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