So your once temporary home office has become your permanent one. You are not alone. And with this sudden shift in ‘normal’ office life comes unpredictable challenges. Gone is the watercooler banter and gone is the desk drawer lolly jar that your partner/kids didn’t know about. Deciding if you should wear pants to work or what colour trackies go with your ugg boots are the new morning choices. And what about Zoom meetings? The internet is full of video conference fails and one problem we at Coastal Air Conditioning keep encountering is noisy fans and loud extractors making video chats unbearable. So here’s our hot tips on keeping your air conditioning system whisper-quiet as the weather warms up and the home office life continues. 

First, here’s a little about how an AC works. 

A typical air conditioner unit uses a fan, compressor, evaporator and condenser coils, and refrigerant to heat or cool the air and circulate it through your home or office. Old air conditioner units were loud at the best of times. Modern reverse cycle air conditioners and ducted air conditioning units are better designed and equipped for noise reduction. But whether you are running an old AC or something cutting edge, we all know that anything with moving parts that we learn to rely on for comfort has the potential (or inevitability) to dysfunction. 

What makes noise in common Central Coast air conditioners?

  • Units clattering on startup
  • Vibrating internal equipment and ducts
  • Internal AC fan rattling or hitting internal components
  • Loud compressors outside

How to keep air conditioning quiet on the Central Coast

  • Use a noise blanket

Go on! Smother that annoying thing. Like a snoring partner deserves a soft pillow of love to the face, your noisy air con needs some tough love too. Jokes aside, installing a noise blanket over the units compressor will add insulation and therefore muffle loud sounds. This has the added benefit of guaranteeing a better christmas present from your neighbours this year. 

  • Install a noise barrier

Much the same as the blanket method, you can install a physical barrier around your outdoor compressor. These can be purchased from most reputable air conditioning repair businesses on the Central Coast. Alternatively, if you’re DIY savvy, you could build one from timber

  • Grow some plants, man

Not to keep harping on about the external compressor component, but a cost effective, environmentally conscious method of reducing noise is to plant some foliage around it. You don’t have to be an air conditioning service genius to work out that the ticker the bush the better the sound absorption.  

  • Location, location

When it comes to installing air conditioning systems on the Central Coast, first consider where to place the external and internal components of your air con unit. Where possible, keep internal wall units away from bedrooms or new ‘work-from-home’ offices where video conferencing is likely to occur. Consider babies rooms and uppity neighbours who are likely to write anonymous letters of complaint to Central Coast Council. 

A professional air conditioner installation company will be aware of places to avoid and will be mindful of external walls, fences and corners that could potentially amplify compressor noise. 

  • Keep your air conditioner maintained and serviced

Aside from the irritating, never ending, brain drilling, rambunctious racketyness (thank you, a noisy air conditioner can be a sign of other problems. Maybe it’s time to call in the best air condition servicing team going around the Coast. 

Contact Coastal Air Conditioning for air conditioning repair or ask about installing the best ducted reverse cycle air conditioning on the Central Coast.