Tips to Help Keep Your Energy Bills Down This Summer

If you are like us, the monthly envelope from your energy company is often nervously anticipated. Trips to the letterbox can become tense – like a kind of postal Russian roulette. Can you really afford to run your air conditioning through summer? Is it possible to reduce your energy consumption, yet still enjoy climate controlled comfort in your home or office? 

We have learned from some of our Central Coast customers that you need not panic. There are ways to keep your air conditioning from blowing out your electricity bill and we are going to share them with you. 

Amy Baurer of Woy Woy recommends regular servicing and maintenance:

Our regular customer Amy swears by having her reverse cycle air conditioner serviced before the summer heat kicks in. And we would have to agree! Neglecting air con upkeep will result in a reduction in performance. But there is an additional problem facing Woy Woy air conditioners: and that is salty air. Central Coast beachside locations like Terrigal, Wamberal, Avoca and Copacabana have a higher concentration of salt in the air which is corrosive and will break down air conditioner components over time. Keep tabs on your A/C’s performance with regular servicing.  

Barry Myers of Gosford suggests smart usage over heavy usage: 

Barry says he lessens his energy consumption by simply thinking about your Air conditioner usage. For instance, he recommends:

– switching on the air con for 1-2 hours only before bed to cool down the room rather than blasting it all night. 

– making sure doors are closed to less frequented areas of the home (or office).

– keeping temperature settings set to maximise comfort rather than refrigerate the building. 

– ensuring all external doors and windows are closed and have working seals to prevent cool air loss.

We agree with Barry and recommend setting your thermostat to no less than 23 degrees celsius. FYI, just a few degrees lower (in summer) makes a significant spike in your energy bill (see what the ABC says about optimal office temps). 

Cherryl Bellamy of Erina urges A/C users to turn off heat emitting appliances: 

Becoming aware of appliances that increase temperatures at home and switching them off when they are not needed is Cherryl’s recommendation for cutting your electricity bill this summer. House lights (particularly incandescent and halogen), televisions, stoves and ovens, dishwashers, fridges and clothes driers pour a fair amount of heat into your home. While these appliances are mostly essential to the running of your household, becoming aware of the heat they emit and remembering to turn them off when not in use will significantly reduce the amount of energy your air conditioning unit needs to maintain a comfortable climate.  

Harper Oppelt- Moore of West Gosford recommends installing an appropriate size A/C for your home: 

Harper had Coastal Air Conditioning assess his old air conditioning unit to see if it was suitable for his West Gosford apartment. We recommended that he upgrade to save on future air conditioner repairs and downsize the unit for energy efficiency. Harper was amazed at the difference a new air conditioner made to his home, and he is now an advocate for units that are appropriate for the volume of the building and their electricity saving tendencies. Too small – means the unit may be working at max capacity too often and burn out sooner. Too big – the unit may over heat or cool the room and use more energy than necessary. 

Get in touch with us to discover the most efficient size unit for your needs

Joyce LeFay of South Kincumber swears by the complimentary use of ceiling fans with her A/C:

Joyce, a new customer who had one of our trusted products installed, reminded us that her old ceiling fans were useless at cooling her home on their own. Ceiling fans will actively cool our bodies when we perspire, but will not lower the temperature in your home. If you desire a comfortable climate to return to after work, then you need to install an appropriate air conditioner. However, as Joyce suggests, using ceiling fans with your A/C is a great way to increase cool air circulation, and good circulation has active cooling properties meaning you can reduce the amount of output from your air con. 

We love getting hot tips from our customers and sharing them with you. Find out more about reducing your energy bills this summer by contacting Coastal Air Conditioning today.