Aghh! The Central Coast is showing no signs of cooling down this summer. Some days the humidity can feel oppressive. If you’re finding yourself spending too many hours at Erina Fair or Gosford Library than maybe it’s time you considered having air conditioning installed in your home. 

But when coastal residents do make the leap into cooler homes, we at Coastal Air Conditioning find ourselves fielding lots of questions about what is the best A/C units around and the difference between the split system or ducted air conditioners and whether a unit needs to be repaired or replaced. One frequently asked question is “Is my house suitable for ducted air conditioning?’ While the answer is often yes, let’s take a look at some of the requirements your house needs to be eligible for ducted air conditioning. 

Basics of Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted air conditioning is a single, central fan coil installed in your house’s roof space that cools (or heats… if you can bear the word right now) external air and pumps it through ducts or tubes to vents in ceilings or walls. These ducts can be directed to as many rooms as you wish and from each of these, the owner can control the temperature to suit the purposes of the room or the preferences of each person throughout the house. 

The system works with a larger compressor situated outside the house which requires more space than a conventional split system units and also needs sufficient ceiling space to accommodate the ducts. 

While split system air conditioners are cheap for an individual unit and can be installed relatively quickly, they generally are only designed to heat or cool a single space. Installing ducted air conditioning systems is a more invasive experience when retrofitting a home and therefore more expensive. But ducted air con is a more efficient cooling system for homes and commercial properties, especially if you plan to use it alot or want the same level of comfort in every room. 

Benefits of Ducted Air Conditioning

  • Enables full zone control room-by-room
  • Energy efficient 
  • No unsightly unit on the wall (only air vents are visible inside the house)
  • Quieter than spit system A/C
  • Even air distribution and humidity levels

Is It Suitable For My House?

A ducted air conditioner is perfect for your house if you have ample space between the ceiling and the roof. The reason being, is that you will need space for the central unit but also for the amount of ducts needed to reach the various rooms of your house. If you are considering building a new house adding space for this system makes installation quicker and easier. 

If you have pre-existing house you will need to consider the structure or type of roof you have. In some cases, the structural supports for your roof or ceiling may need to be altered to fit the central unit. In this case, you will need to consult with building professionals and the additional cost might make the installation too pricey. 

Another consideration is the existing infrastructure in the roof cavity. Electrical wiring will need to be organised and the location of fans and lights may also limit your options for installing ducted air conditioning. 

So…Is it worth it?

Heck yes! We here at Coastal Air Conditioning think ducted air conditioners are the ants pants! Their efficiency is a huge plus when considering the state of our climate and also means that the initial installation cost is offset as time goes on – i.e. you save money in the long run. Obviously, ducted A/C’s are not suited to every house. Particularly older houses perhaps, or homes with small or no roof space. But maybe, just maybe your house fits the bill and you could find yourself a lucky duct this summer.