Gosh, is ducted air conditioning convenient or what?

Take the ease of controlling individual rooms temps to perfectly suit the user and couple it with cost and energy efficiency and you have the ideal system to keep you comfortable in your home or office. It is perfect. Until of course…. something goes terribly wrong. 

What could possibly go wrong…? Here are some common symptoms of a sick ducted air conditioning system. 

Keeping Your Ducts In a Row

There is nothing more useless than an air conditioning system that doesn’t blow out air. Sometimes the airflow of your system can get in a fix and you just can’t cool your jets or warm your toes (weather depending). 

This is usually caused by air conditioning ducts that have not been installed in correct alignment, and therefore have gaps in the joints. This will affect the air pressure, or airflow altogether, and will also make having a fancy filter completely useless as dirty external air is allowed to enter into the system. 

Limiting the airflow of your ducted air conditioner will result in low pressure which makes your a/c unit work harder and brings the running costs into the uncomfortable range. If your ducts aren’t in a row, pretty soon you’re going to be looking at an aircon service and repair. 

Dirty Ducts

You may notice that pristine air quality that you have enjoyed with your ducted air conditioner start to, well… become a bit on the nose. Nothing stinks like paying extra for ducted aircon installation only to have it blow smelly air through your home. This is probably due to filters getting clogged with dust and debris or gaps in ducts allowing pollutants into the system. 

It’s a good idea to wash your filters at regular intervals or have a professional air conditioning service replace them for you to keep that air fa-resh!

Poor Insulation

Okay, so unless you are an installer of a/c’s, which you’re probably not, you might not be aware that ducted air con ducts need to be insulated. Because they carry cool air (in summer) or warm air (in winter) the hidden tunnels of air can become acclimatised to the ambient air around them. When duct insulation is installed incorrectly you will notice you can’t control the temperature as well as you used to. Your energy bill will skyrocket and you will be again searching for an air conditioner repairer to leap to your aid. 

Coastal Air Conditioning HOT TIPS


Bring in the professionals once a year – get ahead of the problems by having qualified professionals trained in ducted air conditioning maintenance and repair inspect your system and determine what is running efficiently and what needs attention.


Don’t Wait – when you notice a problem or have a professional diagnose problems with your ducted air conditioning unit, delaying repairs will only increase your cost of future repairs as well as running costs. Come on! This is about your comfort after all!


Don’t be scared to replace filters – okay, no one likes to find new parts for things anymore. But this stuff is pretty straight forward. One of the most common problems with a/c is filters needing to be cleaned and sometimes that are just beyond cleaning. Get a quote from an air conditioner specialist near your to find out what filter you need or to have them install one for you. 

Coastal Air supply and install a variety of air conditioning systems on the Central Coast of NSW. Our clients, from Gosford to Gorokan, will attest to our quality service history and expertise…. Oh, and they all continue to sit in the comfort of their perfect ducted air conditioners.