Most people on the Central Coast who come to us for their air conditioning needs ask the same type of questions – ‘How much does the unit cost?’, ‘Is it easy to use?’ and ‘What is the most environmentally friendly option when it comes to heating or cooling?’. All very valid questions. But we thought we’d help you out on your quest for air con clarity and tip you off on a few questions that you should add to your list for your prospective central coast air conditioning installation company. 

  1. How long have you been installing, repairing and servicing air conditioners?

With anything involving your home, premium quality is always king and who you get to install or repair your air conditioning is no exception. The more experience an air conditioning installation company has the more you can expect from them in the services they offer. 

  1. Are you fully insured and licensed?

Don’t just assume that because a company has a website or drives a nice ute with a designer logo on it that they are certified air conditioning installers. Some people might be a bit hesitant to ask about licensing and insurance but it is a crucial step in ensuring you get the quality you deserve. 

  1. What air conditioning brands do you offer and why?

Reputable air conditioning installation companies will have their preferences when it comes to what brands and models they install. It is worthwhile asking them why they prefer certain brands. Is it because they receive a commission for selling a product or is it based on their experience and knowledge of the best brands for the right situation? 

  1. Can you provide me with Central Coast references?

You wouldn’t hire an employee without first checking their work history and experience, so don’t choose a company to install your brand new air conditioning system without first getting a referral list of their previous jobs. Take the time to find out what their clients think of their work

  1. What air con system do you recommend for my home/business?

A quality air conditioning company will make recommendations based on your preferences and your home/business requirements. They should do a heat load assessment to find out what those requirements are. Ask them to explain their recommendations to you, detailing why it is the right system for you. 

  1. Do you include all seals and damper installation in ducted air conditioning quotes?

If you are having ducted air conditioning installed then first, lucky you, and secondly, make sure your installers have quoted you for taping all seals and installing dampers for each air supply line to ensure efficiency and even air flow. Knowing about these and asking directly before installation will certainly avoid added costs in future. 

  1. What air conditioning maintenance is required and what is the cost?

Ok, so even the best air conditioning products will need maintenance after heavy use. Don’t wait for the inevitable issues to arise. Central Coast air conditioning repairs can be expensive and are usually avoidable if certain maintenance measures are put in place. Ask your installers how you can care for your system from the get go.

  1. How long will the air conditioner installation take and what will happen to my home?

Having air conditioning installed is a giant leap forward in your comfort levels. Only problem companies will have to intrude in your home comfort to complete installation. Find out before they start knocking holes in your walls how long you will have to put up with tradesmen and tools before the job is complete. And while you’re at it, ask them to include clean up and removal of materials and old air conditioning units. 
So don’t limit the questions you ask your Central Coast air con installation company. Get on the phone or the keyboard and find out how Coastal Air Conditioning can answer your toughest questions. We are ready!